Plan Sponsors

Midwest Capital Advisors believe that one of the biggest responsibilities that employers have (and one of the most important benefits they can provide) is to ensure that their employees are well served by a retirement program designed around their needs. MCA provides investment advisory services, participant orientation and ongoing participant education.

We believe that the "model" approach is far more beneficial to participants than requiring each participant on his/her own to make choices from a menu of options and is a more responsible way of helping them meet their retirement goals. Additionally, to the extent possible, we try to use funds that are in discrete asset classes, meaning that investment style-drift and fund overlap are minimized. 

For our plan sponsors we provide: 

  • Plan Design
  • Plan Analysis
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Independent Recommendations and Advice
  • Multiple Investment Options
  • Expertise

Our interests are already aligned with yours, which puts MCA in a uniquely good position to help you meet your fiduciary obligations. To learn more about why MCA is different than other retirement plan services click here or visit our Learning Center. For other questions, please contact Mike DeSmyter at