Guiding Principles

We are not tied to any brokerage firm, custodian or other financial institution, and we do not accept brokerage commissions, 12b-1 fees or any other compensation. Our independence enables us to recommend the combination of investments and custodial, trading and record-keeping services that is right for our clients – not what is right for us. We are paid only by our clients, so we align our interests with theirs alone to provide objective recommendations and advice.

We incorporate integrity and ethics into every aspect of our business – never compromising the interests of our clients. Our sole objective is the successful performance of our clients’ portfolios. We adhere to the highest fiduciary standards, including ERISA §3(38) for our qualified plan clients.

A good investment plan is only successful when it’s effectively planned, efficiently delivered, and successfully deployed. It’s just as important to make sure the plan stays on track, despite the ups and downs of the financial markets. We help take the guesswork and emotion out of investing, further increasing the likelihood that your plan will be successful.