Our Firm

Who We Are
Midwest Capital Advisors is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based registered investment adviser. We serve taxable, non-taxable, and nonprofit/charitable clients throughout the United States. We strive to offer a distinctively different, positive investment experience based on historically proven, statistically validated, common sense strategies that emphasize proper asset allocation and disciplined rebalancing of investment portfolios.

Where Wall St. Experience Meets Main St. Common Sense 
Midwest Capital Advisors was formed in 2003 by Hank Swain, George Wanty and Jeff Gietzen. Our team brings a wealth of experience and perspective from the investment, financial planning, business, legal and banking professions for a balanced, flexible, client-focused approach to investing. This combination gives us a unique perspective and exceptional ability to advise our clients on all aspects and phases of their investment and wealth management needs, including accumulation, preservation, consumption and transfer.